Buyer’s Advocacy

A genuine and enduring interest

Many customers like to have someone ‘on their side’. Our unique role means we work for our customers  - not for a manufacturer, a seller or broker. We have a genuine and enduring interest in our customer’s transition to ownership, as well as their successful ongoing operations.  We are brand and type-agnostic, customers know that our recommendations are only ever in their interest.

Customers appoint us though our ‘mandate’ agreement, which details the scope of our work, delivery time and fees. Post-sale support is covered by our Service Level Agreement for aircraft management and operation.


“The purpose of the aircraft has always been to further the profitability and productivity of the company. To go out and back to our facilities in the same day, versus having to possibly take three days driving or on an airline, is vital.”

– James Purdue, CEO Purdue Farms